Spinach roti pacchadi(chutney)!!

Yummy yummy Spinach roti pacchadi(chutney)!! Please see comments on each slide for the recipe!


Green apple-1(optional- cut into small pieces),cilantro – 3tsps,green chillies-10,garlic-2 pods,tamarind-small goose berry size;cumin seeds/jeera – 1tsp
Take medium size pan, add 2tsps of oil, once heated, add green chillies,jeera, garlic,cilantro& saute for 2mins
Next add, apple(optional),tamarind,spinach,turmeric powder(1/4tsp),salt; mix well & cook for 5mins on medium flame.
once the ingredients are cooked
add 2tsps of dry roasted sesame seed powder & mix well & coarse grind the mixture
next transfer the mixture to serving bowl(check the taste & adjust if anything is needed), then add 2-3tsps of thinly cut onion pieces
put tadka (please see tadka ingredients in my previous chutneys)
mix well ..that’s it!! It can be served as bread spreads, rice, chapti roles etc!!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!!!


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