Carrot Pulav

Having hard time to feed vegetables to kids!! And you wanna try something different& healthy!! Of course you do..

Set 1:
Add the following in rice cooker & cook the rice:
3 cups  basmati rice
3&1/2 cups & add salt  & turn on the rice cooker


Take wide pan & add oil(5 to 6tsp) & then add following ingredients:
Shah jeera

  • Lavang -3
  • Elachi-3
  • Dalchini-1 or 2 sticks
  • Anise flower – 1
  • Bay leaves – 2
  • Saute above masala’s for 1min
  • Then add the following:
  • Onion (1/2 – cut into small piece)
  • Green chillies (according to your taste),  fry it & add ginger garlic >> fry for 2mins
  • Add mint 1 hand full, fry for 2mins & add grated carrot(may be 2 big carrots) fry for sometime.
  • Next add dhania powder>>let it fry for 1min, add cilantro mix >> add this mixture to rice cooker mix well & squeeze some lime juice!!!

Enjoy as is or you can eat with any gravy! or raita!!

See how simple is that!! Can’t wait!! Please try yourself and enjoy!!


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